Simply put, Nooshin is the best! I was searching online for Mother’s day gift ideas for my wife(on behalf of my 2 1/12 years old son) and I came across Nooshin’s website. I was trying to do something unique and get away from the traditional gifts on Mother’s day. I was very impressed by her site to begin with and then I found her work to be amazing. Nooshin was very accommodating on scheduling a perfect time for my son and me to go in and create a truly great piece of art and a wonderful gift for my wife. She worked diligently and professionally with my son to get his hand prints and some scribbles. At first it did not look anything interesting but with her artistic vision, she created an amazing final work which surprised my wife and even put a tear or two in her eyes. Basically, my wife loved it and everyone else in the family was impressed.

I highly recommend Nooshin to anyone who is looking for a great gift idea or just simply a great work of art!

We love you Nooshin!

I hosted a plaque party with several neighborhood parents. Nooshin was a delight to have in my home. She is professional and fantastic with children. I was so pleased with the way my sons’ plaques turned out. Nooshin pays attention to detail as she preserves these little moments in time.

While on vacation, my husband and I took a picture of two parrots. We brought the picture to Nooshin to recreate the scene for us. Not only did she recreate the scene, the image, but she brought back memories of our trip. The ceramic birds are rich in color and lifelike with deep piercing eyes and the flowers that surround the birds are very beautiful and real that I swear I can smell them! She took a one dimensional picture and brought it to life for us. We recommend Nooshin to anyone who would like to recapture memories and for anything

I am writing you to let you know that I truly love the varieties of bowls that you make me. They are very popular amongst my friends and clients. They make the perfect gifts with its individually painted bowls one can never have too many. The sizes are perfect for either one or two people, either for salads or meals. In our house the only bowls are used are yours. I love the fact that I can have you design and match one to my dish collection. I am truly a fan

In 1997, I received a set of Dinner Plates as a wedding gift which was made by Nooshin. They are the most beautiful ceramics that I have ever seen. All these years I have been using them and I will continue to do so.

When we were moving into our home, I looked around for a long time to find something unique for our kitchen and we were referred to Nooshin. The backdrop she created is remarkable and very alive. We cherish it.

I have known Nooshin for over 15 years. I started using her wonderful creations and I continue using them to this day. Her ceramic pieces are original, creative and of the highest quality. I started buying her ceramic products to decorate my house. I have bought a wide range of her products for my kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. You can see the high quality when you purchase her products.

In addition to having these ceramic products around the house, they also make excellent gifts. I have Nooshin custom make mugs for my children’s teachers every Christmas. Depending on the teacher, she will make a new design with their name on the mug. She is always able to come up with new and original ideas for all her products. This memorable gift lasts a lifetime.

I am always asked where I received and bought her ceramic pieces. Soon, my friends and clients become her customers, spreading the word to their friends. To this day, I have her wonderful pieces in all parts of my house.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend getting a plaque done by Nooshin. She does fabulous work and at an amazing price. I found out about Nooshin after unsuccessful attempts to capture my son¹s handprints in plaster of Paris. It was hard to get the proper consistency to the plaster.

It was either too wet and wouldn¹t hold the print or it was too dry. My son kept balling up his fist and messing up the plaster so it was way more frustrating and time consuming than I had expected and I never did manage to get a good print.

Then along came Nooshin. She knew exactly how to get good impressions of little hands and feet and within a minute or two she had gotten good impressions of both hands and feet. The hardest part of the process was picking a design, since she can do almost anything that you want and she has a large collection of photos to look at of plaques she has done in the past. I told her colors that I liked, which elements of various plaques she had done that I liked, and I told her I wanted some kind of cute bugs to go with the theme in the nursery, and then I let the artist take over. I was thrilled with the results!!! It¹s wonderful to have those precious little prints preserved and hanging on the wall. My first son loves to compare his big hands and feet with the ones on the wall from when he was a baby. Of course, when I had my second child I had Nooshin come over and make a special plaque for him. I even had a special plaque made with hands of both boys on one plaque. (In retrospect I wish that I had done a hand and a foot of each boy instead of just hands.) Her work is so amazing and her prices are so good that I have told many of my friends about her, and have had multiple ³handprint parties² so that they could get their kids done. Since we don¹t have enough wall space to hang up large plaques to document our children¹s growth every year, a couple of us have started Christmas ornament collections. Each year we design a different ornament for the tree and it¹s fun to bring out the ornaments from previous years and see how the hands have grown. I have also found that a gift certificate for a plaque makes a wonderful baby gift for special friends.

My friends and I have also found that plaques and ornaments make great one-of-a-kind presents for adoring grandparents. There are other places that do ceramic handprints, but there prices are significantly higher and they have a limited selection of designs. Nooshin is a truly creative artist who creates a one of a kind masterpiece for you at an incredibly reasonable price. Children grow so fast, so don¹t waste any more time before you contact Nooshin and capture the memories of those tiny precious hands and feet for years to come.

Nooshin made beautiful party favors which also served as table decorations for both of my daughters’ Bat Mitzvah parties. She perfectly matched the flowers that were on our invitations and every piece she made is cherished by our guests. They are still talking about them as they love using them and frequently say they have never seen anything quite as unique and beautiful. For my older daughter she made goblets with her theme decoration (red rose) and my daughter’s name, date and occasion. The gold paint she used was just magnificent.

For my second daughter she made candle holder centerpieces which were painted with hydrangeas to match the invitations and theme. These are gorgeous and the light shined through little stars and the effect was so beautiful. I wish I had requested that she make more as people who did not receive one were very disappointed.

I highly recommend her art. I have bought and had her create numerous custom gifts for people over the years. She made canisters with a likeness of my sister’s dogs on top. My sister loves these canisters as does everyone who sees them. Every piece is a treasure!